Fotolux has the pleasure of offering professional photos for guests and artist during the convention. Some info and special offers in the text below. Sorry about the text in Norwegian, but if you need info about packages, prices etc., please contact Magnus Ødegård at +47 917 96 689 or email to learn more.

FOTOLUX – Din Fotograf

Fotolux har den glede av å kunne tilby profesjonelle fotografier til påmeldte gjester og artister under arrangementet Nordic Magic Convention 21-23 April 2018.


Trenger du bilder til: Hjemmeside, artist bilder, visittkort, plakater eller annen profilering? Da har du muligheten til å ordne dette under NMC2018.

Fotolux tilbyr også Event/ show bilder under dette arrangementet.


Fotografen (Magnus Ødegård) kommer til å være tilstedet hele helgen og har muligheten til å kunne ta oppdrag for fotografering både ved scene, portrettbilder eller «in action» bilder.

Ønsker du å bestille tid for fotografering kan dette gjerne gjøres på forhånd eller du kan også ta kontakt ved Fotolux sin stand.



Priser for fotografering

Liten fotopakke kr. 800,- inkl. mva 3 Portrettbilder/ in action bilder og 3 scenebilder ferdige redigerte. Bildene levers som høyoppløselige bildefiler så snart de er ferdig men senest 1 uke etter at oppdraget er utført. Betaling gjøres via, VIPPS eller kontant.


Stor pakke kr. 1450,- inkl. mva Alle de beste bildene fra din opptreden ca 10-15 bilder, og 3-5 stk Portrettbilder/ in action bilder etter ønske. Bildene levers som høyoppløselige bildefiler så snart de er ferdig men senest 1 uke etter at oppdraget er utført. Betaling gjøres via, VIPPS eller kontant.


Portrett 2 stk ferdig redigert kr. 500,- Dette er henholdsvis er uten rekvisitter. og fotograferes ved Fotolux sin stand.


4 stk redigerte bilder. kr. 1000,- Her har du muligheter til å ta med rekvisitter og bytte antrekk.


Timeplan for når fotografen kan ta oppdrag til portrettbilder blir etter avtale og i utgangspunktet når det ikke er andre show under arrangementet. Ta kontakt på telefon Magnus Ødegård 91796689 eller

Vi gjør en kort oppdragsavtale skriftlig ved Fotolux sin stand. Rettighetene til bildene tilhører Fotolux.

John Houdi


Magician, ventriloquist and a really funny guy! You never know what John Houdi will do when he enter the stage, but one thing is certain: The audience will have a great time, and don’t be surprised if your face hurts after laughing through his act. He’s a master of involving the audience and through magic and comedy he really knows how to entertain and mesmerize each and every one of us. Enjoy!

Christian Schenk

Card magic

Meet the man who has become the #1 specialist for magician’s playing cards. He actually started a revolution in card magic as we know it today. Being a web designer and graphic artist, he has since 2004 devoted his life to give magicians the perfection in cards. No one ever got into the inner core of so many playing card manufacturers, than Christian Schenk. Learning all secrets, strengths and weaknesses to create what people doing card magic need. The release of his Phoenix Deck has really changed the way magicians perform card magic.

Axel Hecklau

Close-Up Magic

FISM winner 2017 (Parlour) Axel Hecklau is known as one of the most creative magic minds of Germany. He has lectured more than 200 times in more than 15 countries worldwide (including at FFFF, the Magic Castle and at FISM ). For the very first time he will lecture in Norway. He will presents his latest creations and improved effects for stage, parlour and close-up situations. His routines are well known for strong impact, simplicity and cleverness. e.g. Just a cup. Its looks like a Chop cup with a dice cup and a die – but it isn´t. Because of his different technique he is able to do more astonishing moves and gets more flexibility during the performance. Everything is examinable at any moment, instant reset. The perfect routine for table hopping and stand up shows. Axel Hecklau has taken the T & R card, the tossed out deck and magic with a Rubiks Cube to a new practical, visual and emotional level. These are only a few examples from this lecture fully packed with practical magic.


Sleight of hand / Comedy magic

We are really proud to present Levent as our guest at the Nordic Magic Convention. Levent is a rarity in the field of comedy magic. His incredibly unique and brilliant combination of masterful comedy and world class sleight of hand, a culmination of over 30 years of experience, has made Levent a much sought-after entertainer, and has earned him great respect from his fellow peers. He has appeared on various international television shows and was most recently featured on several episodes of “Masters of Illusion”. In addition Levent is also a noted vaudeville/magic historian as well as a great lecturer.

Howard Hamburg

Card magic

Meet Howard Hamburg, a magical treasure as Nick Lewin describes him in Vanish Magazine. Back before the days of YouTube and Instant Downloads, there was a very special place to learn the “real work” in magic, and that was sitting around with the Professor at the Magic Castle. Every night many of the finest minds in magic would gather together around the Vernon Table as Howard did. At the Nordic Magic Convention it’s finally your turn to learn from Howard Hamburg as he will share techniques and stories about his relationships and experiences with many giants of magic.

Fred Cie POC


Fred has been a juggler, object manipulator and musical gesture performer for over 15 years. He has gradually built up his own vision of juggling which is both aesthetic and surprising and for which he has drawn upon his experience as a street performer. Through his encounters, magic has become part of his world and the natural catalyst essential to this alchemy. With his favorite objects – bouncing balls and hats – and after years of experimentation, Frédéric creates, for the first time in 2010/2011, his own shows. He presents us with a juggling where performance, the impact of a cabaret act and the accessibility and sincerity of street performing all come together as one.

Think Nguyen

Sleight of hand / Mind artist

As a young and passionate student of the art of magic, Think is known to make his cards “come to life”. He released two major DVD projects called Parallels and Vermillion. The first project has received great reviews during the Blackpool Magic Convention (2017). Besides, he also wrote 2 limited lecture notes : One Idea for Each Tentacle and My Fingers Flowing ; and a web episodes called The Coffee Series. Think Nguyen is now currently lecturing in the world (Hungary, Belgium, France, Singapore, Denmark, Netherland, Spain, …) to share his secrets and meet other enthusiastic magicians. It’s about time we all meet him in Norway!