Both the Nordic Close-up and Stage competition in magic will be held at the main stage at Union Scene. The conditions are perfect and all set for you to show your best act and hopefully go home with a trophy!


You can participate in the close-up and stage competition for junior (under 18 years) or senior. The competition fee is NOK 100 per act for senior and NOK 50 for junior.


Sign up for one or both competitions here:


Competition responsible: Rune Carlsen (


Extract from rules for Nordic Championship in Magic

  • The member of a magical association in the Nordic countries is welcome to attend the Nordic Championship in Magic.
  • Your act must be minimum 5 minutes and maximum 10 minutes long.
  • The participant in Nordic must be registered participant at the congress the competition is held in connection with. All fees such as congress fee and any competition fee must be paid before the payment deadline.
  • A written / electronic registration must be received no later than 14 days before the competition.
  • You must be a Nordic citizen to win a prize in the Nordic Championship in Magic.

About the different categories

Nordic Championship in Magic is mainly organized within 2 main categories, and not subcategories as it is done in other major international competitions (such as FISM). If the judges think it’s better for a participant to be moved to another main category, the referees are entitled to do so.


Stage Magic

A scene within Scene is more likely to use larger props or is intended to be performed to an larger audience than Close-Up.


Close-up Magic

An act of close-up often uses smaller supplies, such as cards, coins and other things, often intended for an smaller audience.


Download Nordic Championship in Magic – Rules 2018


Download Union Scene – Techincal Documents


To sign up to either Stage Magic of Close-Up Magic, junior and senior, go to