Axel Hecklau

Close-Up Magic

FISM winner 2017 (Parlour) Axel Hecklau is known as one of the most creative magic minds of Germany. He has lectured more than 200 times in more than 15 countries worldwide (including at FFFF, the Magic Castle and at FISM ). For the very first time he will lecture in Norway. He will presents his latest creations and improved effects for stage, parlour and close-up situations. His routines are well known for strong impact, simplicity and cleverness. e.g. Just a cup. Its looks like a Chop cup with a dice cup and a die – but it isn´t. Because of his different technique he is able to do more astonishing moves and gets more flexibility during the performance. Everything is examinable at any moment, instant reset. The perfect routine for table hopping and stand up shows. Axel Hecklau has taken the T & R card, the tossed out deck and magic with a Rubiks Cube to a new practical, visual and emotional level. These are only a few examples from this lecture fully packed with practical magic.